15 Long Sleeve Polo Shirts That Will Make You Look Hotter


If you’re waiting around for summer—to feel your face again, to show off that oh-so-svelte physique—allow us to (re)introduce long sleeve polo shirts. Just like their scantier counterparts, they’re going to make your muscles pop while keeping things nice and tight above the belt. (Naturally, they’ll also keep you warm—which, let’s be honest, is priority number one here.)

For generations now, bona fide movie stars—from the first James Bond to (fingers crossed) the next James Bond—have leaned on the quiet power of the long sleeve polo shirt to project strength and dignity and, yes, thirst-inducing hotness. Long sleeve polo shirts are the official shirt of press junkets everywhere, because they show off your muscles (sexy!) while simultaneously covering them up (classy!), and also look put together and respectful while still feeling cool and casual.

In a menswear era where big and boxy is king, this is one area where a little snugness is actually welcome—you might even consider [gasp] sizing your polo down to really get that Ryan Reynolds-level bicep pop. Wear these long sleeve polo shirts with a suit, with jeans, with shorts, with whatever you damn please—the results will be the same. You will look hot, and it will feel good.

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