5 Stylish Items to Buy This Week – January 17



What’s the point of upgrading your hand soap? Well, from a purely philosophical standpoint, it turns the experience of washing your hands—an often mundane and monotonous experience—into a genuine act of self-care. Quality ingredients not only smell amazing, but will also nourish the dry, winter-ravaged skin on your hands. ELOREA is a Korean fragrance house that makes candles and colognes, but they now also make a handsome hand wash. The plant-based formula is enriched with vitamins to revitalize and improve your skin texture while leaving behind the faint scent of citrus. There’s also a complementary hand lotion designed to combat inflammation and dryness with ceramides, hyaluronic acid and chamomile extract. The duo is just the thing to make your washing-up ritual a little more salubrious.

Revitalizing hand wash
and lotion set,
$95 by Elorea


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