6 Men’s Loafers With Grey Socks Looks


Just because we’re heading into winter doesn’t mean you need to give up your loafers. After all, it’s fair to say that demand for loafers is approaching an all-time high. There’s never been more options and styles at our disposal. We’re not going to let a little wind chill ruin the fun. Besides, while going sockless in loafers remains a timeless look, more and more these days, stylish guys are pulling on socks of all shades with the slip-ons.

With this in mind, we’ve found a combination that goes together like chocolate and peanut butter. Slip into a pair of substantial loafers—we’re talking about ones cut from hardy textured leathers and grounded with grippy boot-like lug soles. Then pair them with socks in the same shades of a moody winter sky. Trust us, the combo just hits different. The shade of loafer doesn’t mater—black, brown, burgundy, or even grey—when worn with some grey socks, the look is sophisticated yet relaxed. Plus, it works with almost any wardrobe mash-up you wear. Jeans and sweatshirt, fatigue pants and a denim shirt, pinstripe trousers and a cashmere sweater? All good. From classic penny loafers to Belgian slipper styles, we’ve pulled together a few of our favorite pairings to help inspire you.


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