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Make a Checklist

You might not think you need one, but making a checklist will ensure that cleaning up goes so much smoother. Take a quick walk around your home and jot down the areas that could use a good cleaning. This could be anything from your media cabinet and kitchen counters to your bathroom or entryway. Once you have your list, group similar tasks together: wipe-downs and dusting (countertops, tables, cabinets), scrubbing (stovetop, sinks, shower), laundry, organizing and vacuuming, etc.

Gather Your Supplies

You want a cleaning kit that works for you—it can be as simple or as specific as you want. Gloves can make tougher jobs easier, but aren’t required. But you’ll definitely want a surface disinfectant, a cleaner for glass/mirrors and a mop. If you have wooden furniture, you’ll want microfiber cleaning cloths and furniture polish. Invest in a good vacuum with attachments like a brush head, upholstery tool and crevice extension (ideal for hard-to-reach places like in between furniture, corners and window tracks.

Tackle the Refrigerator

You could go hardcore and unplug your refrigerator to open it up for a full scrub down or if it’s in decent shape, simply organize and wipe it down. First asses each item in there and pull out anything expired, sadly forgotten or nearly empty (think produce and bottles or jars without enough in them to use). This will give you more room to organize what’s left over. Then grab a towel spritzed with some cleaner and wipe down any of the exposed glass surfaces and shelves. Don’t forget the corners or the inner door frame—including the rubber seals, which somehow catch a lot of dust and spills.

Do the same with your pantry: Make quick decisions to toss expired items and/or donate the ones you haven’t used in a while but are still good. Follow with a quick wipe down on the shelves and other surfaces.


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