Filippa K Men’s Fall 2023 Collection Lookbook


An icy atmosphere permeates Filippa K’s fall-winter 2023 menswear collection as the brand takes a cue from Werner Herzog’s highly acclaimed 1974 documentary, The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner. This film documents ski jumper Woodcarver Steiner—a dark and somewhat enigmatic individual who hoped to break the world record for ski flying.

As Creative Director Liisa Kessler looked back at this acclaimed documentary, she was inspired to bring its thrillingly daring spirit into her season’s designs. According to Kessler’s review of the film, as the ski jumper soared in mid-air with poise and determination, he seemed liberated.

This sensation of freedom—deeply entrenched within Filippa K’s brand philosophy—is reflected throughout its fall-winter 2023 collection. In these tumultuous times filled with stress and uncertainties, Kessler focused on Steiner’s brief moments of escape from it all.

Unfazed by fear and powerfully projecting strength, the ski jumper demonstrates a heroic path forward with their fiercely determined spirit and unyielding physique. “When the world feels heavy and complicated, I guess we want to be able to take off to a lighter state of mind,” suggests Kessler. “We long for a feeling of being able to breathe and feel carefree again. And taking off, literally flying and escaping, feels so beautiful and fascinating to me.”

Steiner’s agile form, gracefully suspended in the air, is a powerful source of inspiration for this collection. Filippa K captures the nineties’ minimalistic appeal while embracing classic seventies elements with crushed corduroy, raw denim, and moleskin. Furthermore, the collection includes monochrome silhouettes that pay tribute to vintage ski jumpsuits. As a unique detail, Filippa K collaborates with POC Sports for specialized skiing eyewear.

Filippa K Men’s Fall/Winter 2023 Collection


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