Style Strategies: Mike Maher, Taylor Stitch Founder


Describe your style
in five words or less.

Simple, rugged, fun accessories.

What are you shopping for
at the moment?

A new mountain bike since mine just got stolen … out of my garage! San Francisco, I tell ya.

Since you own your own clothing brand, what do you look for when buying from others?

Unique design and functionality. Taylor Stitch takes care of almost all my daily clothing needs to get out the door, but I am active, so I look for products that will function specifically for activities. If I’m buying other casual stuff, it’s all about finding unique things like limited edition Jordans or hand-crafted artistic pieces.

You’ve said that Patagonia and L.L. Bean are inspirations, why is that?

Patagonia for their responsibility promise and L.L. Bean for their historic care for the customer.

The company’s brand ethos is, “Responsibly built for the long haul.” Tell me about that.

All our products are sourced with the most responsible materials we can find and manufactured by people who are paid fair wages. That’s the ‘responsibly built’ part of the ethos. The ‘long haul’ simply means these products are built to last. We love the idea of things Taylor Stitch makes being worn for decades and then passed down to loved ones.

Jacques Marie Mage Vendome Sunglasses

Vendome sunglasses,
$795 by Jacques Marie Mage

Any brands
you’re watching right now?

I think Jacques Marie Mage is doing exceptional vintage-inspired eyewear in highly limited quantities and building a killer brand.

I got sucked back into the Nike vortex of my childhood and am always trying to get some W’s on the SNKRS app when Jordan 1s, 3s, 4s, and some of the ACG stuff pop up.

Nickey Kehoe is doing really cool stuff in the home space. Walking into their store in L.A. is this fun mix of vintage furniture, newly designed furniture, great upholstery fabrics and small home goods.

Nickey Kehoe Spindle Back Viewing Settee

Spindle back viewing settee,
$7,800 by Nickey Kehoe


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