Todd Snyder Sale: 21 Lawful Good Ways to Amp Up Your Winter Style


Dressing well doesn’t come easy, even, sometimes, for your friends at GQ. So thank god the Todd Snyder sale exists, because if it didn’t, we’d probably still be racking our brains deciding what to wear this AM. (Sorry we’re late, boss—duty called!) See, Todd Snyder has made it his life’s mission to help dress guys well, through masterful tailoring, grail-worthy sweats designed in cahoots with Champion, celebrity-loved jackets, and so much more. And it’s safe to say that the guy’s succeeded. Which great news for us (and you), because there are certified crazy deals on alllll that stuff right now. When you enter the promo code WINTER30, the already-discounted duds get knocked down even further, pushing the grand total of savings to a whopping 70% off. Yes, 70% off. So unless you like missing out—or showing up late to work—you’d better not dilly-dally. Check out our favorite pieces below or head over to the Todd Snyder sale while it’s still kicking.

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